Tiger Martial Arts

170 Center Lane Levittown NY

 Chief Instructor - Anthony Sansonetti

30+ years experience in Martial Arts including Kempo, Jiujitsu, Kobudo, Stick Fighting, Catch Wrestling, Combat Wrestling, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Shootwrestling, Sambo, Judo, Karate, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Boxing and various other Martial Arts
Black Belt (Nidan) in Kempo Jiujitsu
Black Belt (Shodan) in Kobudo
Sankyu in Judo
Certified Judo Coach (USJA)
Recognized Sambo Coach
Recognized MMA Instructor
Experienced International Sambo Competitior
Coach of Team Renegade in New York
Over 20 years Martial Arts teaching experience
Professional MMA Commentator ( Worked for Dead Serious MMA, Evolution MMA etc..)
1992-Present Has competed in 9 different Combat Sports
1992- Present Has competed in 6 different countries
1993-1994 2-0 Muay Thai Record
1997-Present Established Tiger Martial Arts Dojo in Levittown, NY
2003- 2011 Sparring partner to many Amateur and Pro MMA fighters
2005  Arnold Classic MMA Tournament Silver Medal
2006-2011 Coach of Many North American Freestyle Sambo Champions
2007- Present Established Team Renegade Competition Team
Trainer and Coach to 7 USA National Sambo Champions
2007 Coach of the 1st Freestyle Sambo League Champions - Team Renegade
2008 Coach of Canadien Combat Sambo Champion- Jeremy Piaser
2008 Team American Sambo Coach
2008, 2010, 2011 Team American Sambo team member and competitor
2010 MMA Coach of the Year - Mid Atlantic Combat Sports
2010 British Sambo Champion- Masters Division
2010 Coach of Evolution MMA Lightweight Champion - Ben Syers
2010 Gold medal British Sambo Open Veterans division -95 KG
2010 Silver medal British Sambo Open Mens division -90 KG
2011 Silver medal Dutch Sambo Open Mens division -100 KG
2011 US Open and Pan American Sambo Championships - Bronze Medal
2011 Bronze medal US Open and Pan-American Championships
2011 Great Prize of Paris Sambo Tournament Semi-finalist
2011 Coach of USA and Pan American Sambo Champion - Taylor Costantino
2013 NOLA - New Orleans Invitational Sambo Championships - Finalist
2013 Arnolds Open Sambo Championships - Champion - Gold Medal
2013 USA Sambo Champion - Masters Division
2013 Coach of USA Combat Sambo Champion - Jeremy Piaser
2013 USA Sambo Open - Gold Medal
2013 British Sambo Championships- Gold Medal Masters Division +95 KG
2013 British Sambo Championships- Bronze Medal Mens Division -100 KG
2013 British Sambo Champion - Masters Division
2013 Liberty Bell East Coast King of Catch Classic - Silver Medal Light heavyweight Division
2013 Liberty Bell East Coach King of Catch - Overall Open Weight Champion
2013 East Coach King Of Catch Wrestling Championship Award
2013 Montreal Freestyle Sambo Open - Silver Medal - 100 KG
2013 ISWA Montreal Catch Wrestling Open - Bronze Medal Heavyweight Division
2013 ISWA Montreal Catch Wrestling Open - Silver Medal Open Weight Division
2014 USA Sambo Nationals - Bronze Medal -100 KG
2014 USA Sambo Nationals - Masters Division Silver Medal -100 KG 
2014 Wrestled 55-minute match for USA Catch Wrestling Heavyweight Title
2015 Combat Wrestling USA Team Trials 1st Place Gold Medal -90 KG Division
2015 Combat Wrestling USA Champion -90 KG Division
2015 Combat Wrestling World Championships USA Team Member (Varna, Bulgaria)
2015 Combat Wrestling World Championships - Silver Medal -90KG  (Bulgaria)
2018 1st Masters of the Mediterranean Sambo Championships - Gold Medal -90KG (Poussan, France)
2019 USA Combat Wrestling, Appointed as Team USA Head Coach for World Championships, Bucharest, Romania 

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